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Coral version 5.4+ supports built-in Slack integration to help you forward comments from your moderation queues into appropriate Slack channels.

Creating a Slack App

To enable web hooks that we will use to forward comments, you’ll need to create an App and give it permissions over a channel.

For details on how to create a Slack app with webhooks, please go to:

After you have created a Slack app with a webhook, you can use it in your Coral configuration.

  1. Sign into the administration side of your Coral deployment.
  2. Select Configure from the top navigation.
  3. Select Slack from the side navigation for the configuration area.
  4. Here you can configure a Slack channel.
  5. Paste in the webhook URL you created for your Slack app and select which comment categories you want to receive notifications for.

I need to find the webhook URL again, where is it?

Webhooks options are tied to a Slack app and can be found under your app settings at: