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Configuring the Talk Admin

Using plugins and configuration variables, you can modify the way the Admin looks and how moderation works.

Creating a Custom Moderation Queue

Talk can support custom pluggable mod queues, meaning you can write a plugin that has some logic and determines which comments should appear there. This works by adding a field modQueues in the index.js of your client side plugin, like so:

    modQueues: {
        newQueueKey: {

         // name
         name: 'My Queue Name',                    

         // material design icon
         icon: 'star',        

         // Filter by tags
         tags: ['MY_TAG'],                       

         // Filter by statuses
         statuses: ['NONE', 'PREMOD', 'ACCEPTED', 'REJECTED'],   

        // Filter by comment containing action_type
        action_type: 'FLAG',                    


So if we wanted to make a Featured queue, we could do this like so:

    modQueues: {
        featured: {
            tags: ['FEATURED'],
            icon: 'star',
            name: 'Featured',

For more information, see here:

Flag Details

To show more detailed information about reporting/flags, you can enable talk-plugin-flag-details.