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Migrating from v3.x.x

Deprecation Notices

It was previously recommended to use the user service function:


If you are developing a social plugin, you should migrate this function to:


If you are developing an external auth integration (where the integration provides) a custom displayName, you should migrate to:


Troubleshooting Username Status

You may be affected by a side-effect of the above mentioned deprecated function Users.findOrCreateExternalUser(...); if the following are true:

  1. You have upgraded from Talk < 3 to >= 4 and have completed a database migration
  2. You have used a custom auth plugin in the past
  3. You have disabled or not included the talk-plugin-auth as a client plugin
  4. You have received reports that some users can not comment, and are instead given a message You are not authorized to perform this action.

If this is the case, you can execute the following one time MongoDB query to repair the affected users.

    "status.username.status": {
      $in: ["UNSET", "CHANGED"]
    $set: {
      "status.username.status": "SET"
    $push: {
      "status.username.history": {
        status: "SET",
        assigned_by: null,
        created_at: ISODate()
    multi: true

Note: You must resolve and/or update your custom auth code to resolve the above mentioned deprecation notices before running the above mentioned MongoDB query