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Comment Count Integration

Add the count.js script to your html tree. On a page that includes the Stream Embed this is done for you automatically, however for best performance we recommend to include it into the <head> tag.

<script class="coral-script" src="//{{ CORAL_DOMAIN_NAME }}/assets/js/count.js" defer></script>

NOTE: Replace the value of {% raw %}{{ CORAL_DOMAIN_NAME }}{% endraw %} with the location of your running instance of Coral.

NOTE: class="coral-script" is needed to support IE11.

Insert an html element with the class coral-count and configure it using data-coral-* attributes.

<span class="coral-count" data-coral-url=""></span>

After successful injection it will become:

<span class="coral-count" data-coral-url="">
   <span class="coral-count-number">5</span>
  <span class="coral-count-text">Comments</span>

Available data-coral-* attributes

Set the class of your html element to coral-count in order to get story counts. The following data-coral-* attributes will configure the output:

  • data-coral-id – The id of the story of which counts should be injected.
  • data-coral-url – The url of the story of which counts should be injected.
  • data-coral-notext – If set to "true", only the count number will be injected

Either data-coral-id or data-coral-url should be set. If none are provided the story url will be retrieved from the canonical url reference <link rel="canonical" href="..."> or inferred using the current page url.