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Plugin Recipes

Plugin Recipes are plugin templates used to help bootstrap the development of a plugin. Recipes are available at the coralproject/talk-recipes repo. When first developing a plugin with a recipe, you can simply visit the aforementioned repository to find the desired recipe, and using the file listings on the page, determine which files need to be modified to suit your needs.

The following are the available recipes for use:


Source: talk-recipes/tree/master/plugins/avatar

Provides support for avatars hosted via third party, extends the User Model and provides UI on the client-side too.


Source: talk-recipes/tree/master/plugins/translations

Provides an example for overriding application text through the translation system.


Source: talk-recipes/tree/master/plugins/subscriber

Provides an example for adding SUBSCRIBER badges for users with the SUBSCRIBER tag added to their user model through a direct server plugin with the auth system.


Source: talk-recipes/tree/master/plugins/author-name

Enables the ability to hover over a commenter’s name and add plugin functionality there. The Member Since plugin that is provided in this recipe is an example of this.


Source: talk-recipes/tree/master/plugins/custom-auth

Example code for creating, and updating Users in Talk from JWT data provided by your custom SSO authentication service.