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Configuring Talk

Configuring an Individual Stream

There are two ways Admins can configure Talk - the first is via the Configure tab on the comment stream.

Enable Pre-moderation

Allows toggling pre-moderation for the current comment stream.

Allows toggling of pre-moderating comments that have links.

Ask Readers a Question & Question Icons

Admins can choose to Ask Readers a Question in order to help guide the discussion. Read more about why this is important on our blog.

There are a selection of icons to display different messaging other than a question on a particular stream, like an announcement, or general information about the story.

Closing a Stream

Closing a stream will prevent new comments. Previous comments will remain displayed on the stream for readers to view.

Global Configuration

Global configuration settings are available via Admin > Configure. These settings are site-wide and will affect all of your comment streams.

Stream Settings

Limit Comment Length

A maximum comment length across the site.

Comment Stream Description

Description text that will appear above every comment stream site-wide. We recommend linking to your Code of Conduct or Community Guidelines. Read tips on how to write a Code of Conduct here.

Closed Stream Message

A message that will display when streams are closed.

Edit Comment Timeframe

The timeframe in seconds in which commenters have to edit their comment.

Close Comments After

Default time after which all comment streams will close. Applies to assets created in Talk after this configuration is saved, and does not update existing assets.

Moderation Settings

Require Email Verification

Require new users to verify their email address prior to commenting.

Enable Pre-moderation

Turn on pre-moderation across the site, meaning all comments will need to be moderated before they will be displayed.

Turn on pre-moderation for comments with links across the site, meaning all comments with links will need to be moderated before they will be displayed.

Banned Words List

A list of words that will trigger a comment to be automatically Rejected.

Suspect Words List

A list of words that will trigger a comment to be automatically Reported. Comments with suspect words will display until a moderator takes action on them.

Technical Settings

Permitted Domains

A list of domains where your Talk instance is allowed to be embedded. List each domain and subdomain in use separately, for example: localhost,,,, etc.

Embed Script

This is the unique Talk script that is to be used to embed Talk on your website.

Custom CSS URL

The link to your custom stylesheet for Talk. This will override any default styles, so you can make Talk your own!