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Enables the Notification system for sending out enabled email notifications to users when they interact with Talk. By itself, this plugin will not send anything. You need to enable one of the talk-plugin-notifications-category-* plugins.


  • TALK_DISABLE_REQUIRE_EMAIL_VERIFICATIONS_NOTIFICATIONS - When TRUE, it will disable the verification email check before sending notifications for those emails. Note that organizations implementing a custom authentication system must disable this feature, as they don’t use our integrated auth. (Default FALSE).
  • TALK_CLIENT_FORCE_NOTIFICATION_SETTINGS - When TRUE, the settings pane for notifications will show always, even if the user does not have a local profile. (Default FALSE).

You can enable other notification options by adding more talk-plugin-notification-* plugins!

Email Subjects

While it seems in your notification category plugin you can set the subject line by adjusting the translation, Talk’s default behavior is to add a prefix before the subject of each email sent. This is always set to the TALK-EMAIL-SUBJECT-PREFIX configuration variable. You should change this parameter if you want to affect how the subject is rendered.